When adding a compute node to Grid Infrastructure on Exadata using and run after we got a segmentation fault error message during step 4 of 19 like that:

error message from logfile

Using configuration parameter file: /app/grid/product/ 
The log of current session can be found at: 
2020/05/07 16:13:07 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 1 of 19: ‘SetupTFA’. 
2020/05/07 16:13:07 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 2 of 19: ‘ValidateEnv’. 
2020/05/07 16:13:07 CLSRSC-363: User ignored prerequisites during installation 
2020/05/07 16:13:07 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 3 of 19: ‘CheckFirstNode’. 
2020/05/07 16:13:08 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 4 of 19: ‘GenSiteGUIDs’. 
/app/grid/product/ line 214: 362529 Segmentation fault $ROOTSCRIPT $ROOTSCRIPT_ARGS 
2020/05/07 16:13:30 CLSRSC-4002: Successfully installed Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) Collector. 

root cause

When you reverse engineer you come to an error during run of 

Died at /app/grid/product/ line 15438.  

line 15438 is kfod command execution (this line is dying: ($rc, @output, $error) = $oraasm->kfodCellCfg();) 

When you doing print on that it is the following behind: 

${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/kfod op=cellconfig  

… and this give’s an error who really gives a hint to the root cause: 

KFOD-00315: Operating system error doing cell I/O, operation: [Initialize], disk: [oss_initialize], offset: [0], length [0]. 
KFOD-00400: Operating system dependent operation: if_not_found failed with status: 0 
KFOD-00401: Operating system failure message: Error 0 
KFOD-00402: failure occurred at: skgxpvaddr9 
KFOD-00403: additional information: requested interface not found. Check output from ifconfig command 
KFOD-00105: Could not open pfile ‘[email protected]  


After checking and correcting cellip.ora/cellinit.ora issue was solved and runs fine.